Brussels: Terror attack planned

The 14 Muslim extremists who were arrested Dec. 21, 2007 and then set free, had spoken over the phone about a reconnaissance of the Brussels Metro.  They intended to put small bombs in trash bins.

Several months earlier several sources showed that Muslim extremists wanted to break Nizar Trabelsi out of jail.  In the middle of December that changed, and there was suddenly talk of an attack.  In one of their telephone talks the suspects spoke about a reconnaissance of the Brussels Metro, in which it was referred to the attacks in London.  "They wanted to test the efficiency of the police agents by putting small bombs in trash bins."

Naïma, Nizar Trabelsi's second wife, confirms that her daughter, who studies chemistry, can make a bomb.  Naïma's son had told his stepfather Nizar Trabelsi that he wanted to become a kamikaze.

Naïma says now that she only said that for the laughs.  Malika El Aroud, one of the 14 suspects, says similar things.  A day after she was freed she said, "It might surprise you but for this time I thin the police were right to act."

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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