Netherlands: Muslim home-care

Infirm immigrants in and around Haarlem will soon be able to get assistance from people who understand their own culture. Manager Ernst Blok of Thuiszor in Holland (Homecare in Holland) thinks he's filling a demand in the market. According to Blok, whose company is working together with a Turkish and Moroccan associates, there's a lot of interesting with Islamic home care. "The interest among infirm immigrants for homecare is high," he knows.

But in practice there are many problems. "If the elderly already know that they're being considered, many of them don't master the language and are active religiously," and that can lead to many problems.

Thuiszorg in Holland wants to send out Islamic home care to Islamic immigrants. "They speak the language, know the culture and are well aware of habits and customs. That makes for a better click," according to Blok. A Muslim assistant wouldn't think prayer, shoes being left outside or not preparing pork is odd. Blok is not afraid of criticism that he's preventing integration of immigrants. "People are free to choose which help they want," he says.

Thuiszorg in Holland is a commercial company that stresses that it listens to its clients. "A Dutch elderly who asks for Dutch help will also be served. And we also don't send, for example, a male assistant to a Muslim single woman or couple." If there's enough demand, Thuiszorg in Holland will also employ Muslim nurses.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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