Daily Links 2

* Norway: Congress on homosexuality among immigrants (Norwegian)
* Sweden: Population boom attributed largely to immigration (English)
* Sweden: Abusive father got work in Islamic school where kids learn (Swedish)
* Sweden: Integration minister calls to shut all Islamic schools, says they are sponsored by ultra-conservative Saudis (Swedish)
* Sweden: Imam comes to school to answer questions about Islam, kids not fully convinced (Swedish)
* Denmark: Somali women go out to work in nursing home (Danish)
* Denmark: 66% of unemployed immigrant women not actually ready to work (Danish)
* Denmark: Nørrebro Parish priest says local church attracts the most people due to competition from Islam, only 20% of neighborhood kids are Danish (Danish, PDF)
* Denmark: Attempt to get more immigrant kids into private schools (Danish)
* France: Gov't backs ready-made sacrifice for Eid (English)
* France: Algerian terrorist support cell arrested (French)
* Germany: Germans more religious (English)
* Netherlands: Afghan refugee becomes youngest parliament member ever (Dutch)
* Netherlands: Muslims collect sacrifice meat for food-banks (Dutch)
* Netherlands: Maurits Berger appointed to Islamologist chair in Leiden University (Dutch)
* Netherlands: Moroccans lose trust in labor party (Dutch)
* Netherlands: Psychiatric youth help center to open in Amsterdam-West for Moroccan families (Dutch)
* Netherlands: Tilburg mosque wanted to be lit up like church, but can't pay for it (Dutch)

h/t Mitt Sverige (Swedish), Uriasposten (Danish), Hodja (Danish)

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