Belgium: 2006 Foreigner statistics

Belgian sociologist Jan Hertogen has come out with new statistics about foreigners in Belgium for 2006. According to his calculations, in total, the number of foreigners in Belgium increased by 31,688 (from 900,473 to 932,161) with an increase of 114,719 and a decrease in 83,031. However, not counting naturalizations, the total increase is 63,478 foreigners.

The increase in the number of foreigners is divided as follows:
- Births: 9,039. In Flanders, 24% of the births were to foreigners, this is 5 times there percentage in the population.
- Immigration: 83,433
- Asylum seekers: 12,496. These are asylum seekers who were officially recognized as 'foreigners'. On January 1st, 2006 there were 90,919 asylum seekers in Belgium, which are not counted as 'foreigners'.
- Foreigners who 'popped up':6,219. These are legal foreigners who were thought to have gone home in past years, but have turned up again.
- Belgians who exchanged citizenship: 70
- Statistical adjustment: 3,462.

The decrease in the number of foreigners is divided as follows:
- Deaths: 5,598. Half were in Wallonia, apparently this is especially the older Italian immigrants.
- Emigration: 27,117
- Disappeared: 18,456. These are foreigners who have left their official residence, and are not signed up in any other Belgian community. It is therefore assumed they have left the country.
- Naturalization: 31,860

This comes down to a 'new immigration' of 63,478 foreigners:
- 3,441 births (5%)
- 44,079 immigration (69%)
- 12,496 asylum seekers who received residence permits (20%)
- 3,462 unknown (5%)

Source: NPData (Dutch)

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