Germany: The problem is not neo-Nazis

The following is a general translation, but I thought the article was interesting.


The number of attacks by Muslims on Jews in Germany and Europe is increasing, reports Jüdische Allgemeine, with attacks being increasingly verbal or physical.

A 22 year old German of Afghan origin stabbed a rabbi in Frankfurt in September. The 42 year old rabbi, Zalman Gurevitch, was walking home with two guests when a man approached him and muttered something in Arabic. Gurevitch stopped, and then he was stabbed, the young calling "Dirty Jew, I'll kill you". The rabbi is convinced he was the victim of a Muslim anti-semitic attack.

The young Muslim is now being charged by the police for the attack. He did, however, get three top lawyers to defend him. Gurevitch says that his attacker doesn't have a lot of money to pay these lawyers, and he therefore wonders who has an interest in financing it.

Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung reports that Jews are increasingly being attached, mostly by young Muslims. Calls such as "Dirty Jew, they forgot to gas you" are not uncommon at football games, says the pressident of the Jewish sports club Maccabi, Alon Meyer. Such abuse occurs "unfortunately, all too often", almost never by neo-Nazis, but mostly by young Muslims.

Dieter Graumann, vice president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, says that for years the football owners of Hesse or the German Football Federation did nothing. Now it's different. Players who curse Jews are removed sometimes for a few months and their team has points deducted. The clubs who have problems are always the same ones - namely those with a large number of Muslim youth.

Source: idea (German), h/t Hodja (Danish)

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