Russia: First Muslim clinic

The first experimental policlinic for Muslims will be opened in Moscow on Wednesday.

"The policlinic will strictly abide by Sharia law by observing, above all, gender differences in its services. Women will be served by specialists from the female department and men by those from the male department," Anna Kisko, a spokesperson from a clinical network opening this institution, told

The administrative personnel will also be dressed accordingly to Sharia law, i.e. the doctors will only have their hands open and female doctors will have to wear headscarves or possibly hijabs, she said.

The opening of a Halal cafeteria and a prayer room with a screen separating men from women should also be available at the policlinic. In addition, all medicines used at the policlinic will have to conform with the Halal principles, that is, they cannot contain alcohol, Kisko said.

Source: interfax-religion (English)

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