Champions League: Milan's jersey offends Turks

A Turkish lawyer, who's also a Fenerbahce supporter, claims that UEFA should invalidate Inter's win over the Turkish team in the Champions League. The reason? The red cross on Inter's shirts is reminiscent of the Knights Templar.

Italian Gazzetta Dello Sport writes today about the Turkish lawyer, Baris Kaska. He thinks Inter's jersey offends Muslims. He says that when he saw the match in San Siro he got very depressed. The cross reminded him of bloody times of the past. Kaska is trying to convince UEFA to invalidate the win and thinks that the organization is too easy-going.

A Turkish journalist also expressed his dissatisfaction in the article, saying he can't understand how UEFA can allow it. "Cross" Inter's three goals must be declared invalid.

Source: Sportal (Swedish)

See also: Gazzetta Dello Sport (Italian)


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cannot imagine a most worst crap argument!!
fortunately europe is an islam-free continent

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