Netherlands: Wilders complains to police about clip

Party for Freedom leader Geert Wilders lodged a complaint by the police after internet site had written about a video clip showing his beheading.  "It's never been yet so revolting," according to Wilders.

The clip was made by Youssef & Kamal.  The two got a lot of attention two years ago with a clip against the politician. 

The new clip shows a look-alike of Wilders surrounded by a group of youth waving hammers, saws, knifes and guns.  At the end somebody beheads him.


I doubt this clip would get much attention if it wouldn't have shown Wilders.  It's called "Eindhoven Represent" and is available here.  It doesn't mention Wilders by name,  though the clip ends with a list of songs 'out soon on the Wilders film soundtrack".

The song itself is about Eindhoven and specifically the Woensel neighborhood: Ruled by the Moroccans, and where your life and valuables are not safe.  It compares Woensel to Palestine (the Jews running away) and reminds us of the successful terrorist attacks on Sept. 11.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)


Anonymous said...

Well we know this will turn out. Wilders movie will be declared a thought crime, the video calling for his decapitation will be protected speech.

Anonymous said...

It's so sad to think about how these scum have been able to ruin parts of Eindhoven and many other European cities. On the bright side is fact that the situation will not get better in respect to relations and thus the filth will get sent back to the shit hole from where they came and where they can rot.