Norway: Support for guest-workers

The Confederation of Norwegian Business and Industry (NHO) issued a bold statement on Norwegian immigration policy, calling for a revolving door policy for immigrants who come to fill Norway's job gap.

The NHO believes temporary immigration is preferable to permanent because Norway is currently taking in workers who lack education and expertise, newspaper VG reports.

"There is no way of escaping that we first and foremost have gotten low-skill immigrants to Norway," NHO director Sigrun Vågeng told the newspaper, and recommends that Norway begin instead to import services.

"With service import a foreign firm takes on assignments in Norway, time-limited. The worker will be employed in the service firm and after the end of the assignment returns home. This is the most effective and flexible way to solve the short-term manpower need fueled by the economic boom," Vågeng said.

Source: Aftenposten (English)


Anonymous said...

this is fair and makes a lot of sense. Foreign can come and earn money but not stay long enough to put down roots.

Anonymous said...

Transient labor? It's sure to keep will keep the police and grief councilors busy.

Anonymous said...

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