Denmark: Freed terrorist suspect to receive compensation

One of the former suspects in the Glostrup terror case will get close to a million kroner in compensation.

The 23 year old man, one of the main suspects in the case, was acquitted and therefore can get compensation for being in jail without due reason.  The sum of 873,024 kroner (~$170,000) might be considered a large amount, but the man was jailed for 16 months and he had to wait 10 additional months until his case for compensation was concluded.

According to the prosecutor, most of the amount was for the discomfort he had suffered, but 229,000 kroner was for loss of employment.  The man's lawyer, Kristian Mølgaard, had originally demanded 1.6 million kroner.

According to the prosecution the 23-year old was responsible for buying explosives and weapons for thousands of kroner, later used by some of the suspects in their terrorist plans, but the evidence wasn't accepted in court.

The court had freed three of the suspects, while an 18 year old was sentenced to 7 years in jail for attempted terrorism.

Of the two others who were freed, one 21 year old is demanding 845,000 kroner in compensation for 12 months of jail time, and his case is still pending.  The third, a 19 year old man, can't demand compensation since the prosecution had appealed the case.

Source: DR (Danish)

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