Link Roundup

Islam in Europe returns from its vacation..

* Germany: Interior ministry releases new study about radicalization, 40% of Muslims have 'fundamentalist orientation', report is quickly explained away (English 1 , 2)
* Germany: Moroccan charged with al Qaeda terror links (English)
* Belgium: Terror alert as 14 arrested in plot to free al Qaeda terrorist, then freed due to lack of evidence (English 1, 2)
* Belgium: Vlaams Belang fights state recognition of 6 mosques (Dutch)
* Belgium: Three arrested after riot in Liege movie theater by youth celebrating Eid (Dutch)
* Netherlands: More efforts to return minor asylum seekers home quickly (Dutch)
* Netherlands: No registration of parents of domestic violence offenders (Dutch)
* Netherlands: Dutch-Moroccans only ones to sign up to coach troubled youth (Dutch)
* Netherlands: State must pay Vlissingen mosque and imam for European Court of Human Rights complaint (Dutch)
* Sweden: Municipalities considering Swedish only workplaces (English)
* Norway: Norwegian caught for halal butchering, claims he cheated Muslims and not the state (English)
* Norway: Criticism of imams for celebrating Eid on different dates (Norwegian)
* Denmark: Pakistani acquitted of wife-murder in Pakistan a decade ago (Danish)
* Italy: Milan imam convicted of terror charges (English)
* Tariq Ramadan: Muslim studies too political (English)
* Iran: Europe will be Muslim (English)
* Muslim clergy wishing Christians Merry Christmas (English)

h/t Nieuw Religieus Peil (Dutch)

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