Amsterdam: Halal only VVD meeting (updated)

Update 2: (De Telegraaf's version of events)

According to Hanke (photo), de Telegraaf is misinformed. It is true that halal food will be served that has been prepared without alcohol, but "people can order a beer or a wine, no problem. And if anyone objects to halal meat, we'll arrange other meat for that person".

He is also surprised that de Telegraaf reports that the initiative would have caused 'great commotion'; he did not receive one complaint. When asked, the Telegraaf journalist who wrote the article says he was approached by one person, but this person would have spoken on behalf of several party members.

The journalist further states that the original invitation did say that no alcohol would be served and that this was confirmed by Eric van der Burg, party leader of the VVD in the city council. He declines to forward the original invitation.

Source: Nieuws uit Amsterdam (English)

1: (VVD Zeeburg's version)

Following up on comment #1, I checked the VVD Zeeburg site.

The dinner is organized for entrepreneurs in the Indian Neighborhood, many of which are Muslim. They therefore organized a half Turkish/Moroccan, half Dutch meal, and will enable those interested to eat halal and without alcohol.

Dirk Hanke, the fraction chairman, says that given the expected crowd, a good host will also serve halal food, just as an event for the Jewish community will offer kosher food.

The site was updated today and therefore it is unclear what was written in the original invitation and how or why it was misconstrued.

Sources: VVD Zeeburg 1, 2 (Dutch)


A VVD (People's Party for Freedom and Democracy) meeting of entrepreneurs in the Zeeburg neighborhood of Amsterdam next month is causing much consternation since no alcohol would be served and the food will be all halal.

VVD parliament member Henk Kamp, the head guest, will speak about integration and conduct a discussion about it with those present.

One of the invited VVD members says that the organizers of this diner, VVD Zeeburg, think it's already necessary to ram halal meat down every Dutch man's throat. Along with Wilders and Verdonk, liberalism had also left the VVD and had been bartered away for the strict Islamic doctrine. "I'm curious when Rutte [chairman of the party] will obligate headscarves for women."

Eric Van der Burg, VVD party chairman in Amsterdam says that he thinks alcohol should be served and that everybody should have free choice. Personally he doesn't have a problem with halal food, just as with kosher food.

The national animal rights organization is dead against halal meat because the slaughtered animals are not stunned. Spokesperson Niels Dorland says that a recent study by veterinarians showed that it took a minute for the animal to bleed to death and during that time the animal is in complete panic. He says that happily more and more Muslim groups as well as Jewish communities are looking for ways to stun the animals, in which case they have nothing against halal slaughter.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)


Anonymous said...

Would it not be great if you could just believe what Telegraaf writes. Check the facts for yourself.

Read the actual invitation for this VVD diner. The goal of the meeting is to help imigrant shopkeepers to integrate in Dutch society.

The actual dinner is prepared without alcohol and is a combination of Morrocan, Turkisch and Dutch food.

In my opinion this Telegraaf article is so far of the facts that is ranks as propaganda.

Esther said...

Hi anonymous,

Newspapers can always err and Telegraaf is a 'sensational' newspaper.

I have updated the article based on what the VVD site now says, but notice that it has been updated today. If you can find what the site originally advertised, it will be easier to decide whether it was taking things out of context.

Note that the Telegraaf did speak with one of the invitees, who also understood this to be a halal-only meal.

Anonymous said...

I noticed VVD Zeeburg took the article offline today for a while to edit it. As far as I can tell they only added a line saying there will be both alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. Google cache has the orginal page as it was posted last week.

Surely the whole dinner including the Dutch dishes will be halal. But apart from possible animal cruelty I don't see a problem with that.