Norway: Discriminating crossword puzzles

Norwegian newspapers VG and Aftenposten were recently criticized for their crossword puzzles definitions.

Aftenposten gave the following clues in one of its crossword puzzles:
1. Clue: Such in Oslo are committed by 'multicultural'. Answer: Rapes
2. Clue: Negro village. Answer: Kraal

VG published this crossword puzzle:

1. Clue: Another usage for a handicapped in Iraq. Answer: Suicide bomber
2. Clue: More and more common Muslim 'carrier choice'. Answer: Terrorist.

Aftenposten's editor Hilde Haugsgjerd accepted the criticism and said that their editorial process failed in this case. Since crosswords are prepared every day with a tight-deadline, things sometimes slip by. In order to prevent this from happening again, they will establish rules for how words can be defined for the crosswords.

VG's editor, Bernt Olufsen, said they will respond based on the decision of the discrimination ombudsman. VG has no intention to publish material which can be construed as generally insulting to Muslims.

Source: Dagbladet (Norwegian)


Unknown said...

Clue: War. Answer: Peace.
Clue: Freedom. Answer: Slavery.
Clue: Ignorance. Answer: Strength.
Clue: 2008. Answer: 1984.

Unknown said...

Dhimmitude rules in Norway too , on countless occasions they try to remove a mullah krekar out of the country , despite the fact hes a proven terrorist leader ( well anyway before the american airforce dropped a daisycutter on his faithfull followers ) Still he remains in Norway as of today , with a full state pension as a refugee , he lets his wife hire webspace and domains ,on where he calls for jihad and resistance in Iraq , yet no one seems to be able to get him back to the place he seems to love but never will return to.

Anonymous said...

Clue: Truth. Answer: Hurts