Naples: Muslims to protest new security measures

Members of the Islamic community in the southern Italian city of Naples and surrounding areas will protest on Wednesday against the government's proposed new security measures.

The proposed package could make illegal immigration a crime and replace single police officers with security personnel - including soldiers - to patrol the streets, according to Italian newspaper reports.

"The Islamic community of Salerno as well as other Muslim groups from other provinces in Campania will be in Naples to participate in the protest against the government's proposed security package," said the imam of Salerno, Rashid Amadia in an interview with Adnkronos International (AKI).

The protest will take place the same day that a delegation from Italy's cabinet meets in Naples to discuss the rubbish crisis.

Members of the Roma Gypsy community and immigrants who reject the proposed measures are also expected to take part in the protest.

"Right now, the faithful that come to the mosque are very worried about the new measures that the government plans to adopt on the subject of security and immigration," said Amadia.

"We Muslims will also march to condemn what happened to the Roma Gypsy community in the region. Among them there are many Muslims from Bosnia with whom we sympathise."

Amadia was referring to last week's attacks on several Roma Gypsy settlements near Naples by residents of neighbouring communities who stormed the camps after reports that a Roma teenager allegedly attempted to kidnap a child.

Hundreds of Roma are reported to have fled their settlements for fear of further attacks or been relocated by the authorities for security reasons.

"They also have rights and before destroying the Roma Gypsy camps, an alternative must be found," concluded Amadia.

Source: AKI (English)

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