Denmark: 65% of immigrants with a diploma consider emigrating

A survey by Politiken among 315 young Muslims currently studying or finished studying for a degree, 65% answered that they're considering moving abroad once they have their diploma.

When asked for the reason: 9% said it was family related, 36% said it was for better educational or job opportunities ni their profession, 81% said it was because they didn't feel accepted in Denmark due to the tone of the value debate and 24% said 'other'.

One wrote that he's not asking for self-censorship in the debate, but that common tact and impartiality should replace the emotional statements.

Jakob Lange, a department head at Copenhagen University, says he can confirm the feeling from his talks with students of immigrant background.

Lange says that when they discuss their choice of education, they consider what can be used abroad, where the tone is different than in Denmark. Therefore they often choose to become doctors, engineers or something in business-economy.

Tallat Shakoor, researcher at the Center for Youth Research says the trend is "serious".

Shakoor says that whether the youth will move or not, it's a serious sign that some young New Danes don't feel accepted in Denmark with a Muslim identity.

He has researched attitudes towards moving abroad in the past. Compared to his study, the Politiken survey shows that more immigrant youth are considering the move this year. Shakoor thinks its due to the headscarf debate.

Mette Rose Skaksen of Dansk Industris says that it's unfortunate that they can't hold on to the workforce in Denmark. Therefore it's very annoying that youth of immigrant background consider traveling abroad with their education. But we have freedom of expression in Denmark so there's a limit to what we can to change that.

Source: Politiken (Danish), h/t I Mitt Sverige (Swedish)

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FreeSpeech said...

Let them emigrate and find out that the grass ain't greener on the other side of the fence - and they won't get it for free.

Some of them might turn into staunch Danes.

Kelli Nørgaard said...

Emigrating AFTER the Danish system has funded their full education?
...interesting concept to this graduate student with thousands of dollars in U.S. student loans....

and as an American who is in the process of moving to Denmark in 3 weeks, I have found that it is MY RESPONSIBILITY to acclimate to the Danish way of life, by studying who they are, learning Danish and aligning my practices with the Danish standards. They established this country and system long before my arrival, so who am I to demand that they just "accept me with open arms" with no expectations to adapt to the Danish way of life. It is not about conforming, but rather having respect for this country that I chose to enter...

BABS said...
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BABS said...

Kelli, WHAT are you saying here?

I am embarrassed for you.