Netherlands: The Nekschot eight

According to the Amsterdam public prosecutor, they are focusing in their investigation on eight or nine of his cartoons. These cartoons have already been removed from Nekschot's website.

At least two of those cartoons were published in Nekschot's book.

The public prosecution is investigating Nekschot, as well as anybody involved in publicizing or publishing these cartoons.

So which are the eight cartoons? Apparently one of Nekschot's most controversial cartoons, showing Aisha in bed with Mohammed, is not among them as it still appears on his site.

Several sites are now trying to figure out the eight cartoons:
- Het Vrije Volk
- Uitingsvrij forum (Dutch, with English subtitles), also on YouTube
- NOVA program, as published on FOK and on YouTube

Sources: OM, FOK (Dutch)


Klein Verzet is preparing a list, including the cartoons themselves and English translation.

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Kleinverzet has a list of the banned cartoons:

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Arrest result of special Islam unit of Dutch government!

See update 4:

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