Exeter: Muslim held for bombing (updated)


A Muslim convert with a history of mental illness was being held under armed guard tonight after he apparently detonated a nail bomb in a family restaurant.

Nicky Reilly, 22, who suffered serious facial injuries in the blast, is thought to have carried out the alleged attack after being 'preyed upon and radicalised' by Islamic extremists.


A Muslim convert was being held tonight after two bombs were found in a family restaurant toilet following an explosion at lunchtime.

Police and bomb disposal teams were called in after a young white man apparently attempted to detonate a nail bomb.

Diners heard three blasts which sounded like gunshots go off in a toilet at the Giraffe cafe in Exeter city centre as they were having lunch today.

Eyewitnesses said officers had to break down the cubicle door because the 22-year-old refused to come out.

When he emerged, wearing jeans and a dark t-shirt, blood was running down his face and all over his clothes.

He was arrested at the scene and taken to hospital, where he is under armed guard, for treatment to a severely lacerated eye and facial burns. None of the customers or 15 staff at the restaurant was hurt.

There were claims the suspect was a Muslim convert and detectives are now trying to determine whether he has links to Islamic extremism.

Devon and Cornwall police refused to say what offence he was being held on suspicion of but sources close to the inquiry now fear the man was arming a bomb when part of it blew up in his face.

Police revealed that a second device had been found nearby.


Source: Daily Mail (English)


Anonymous said...

Police held a conference an hour ago and confirmed he was a muslim convert

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

mentaly ill? Dude! It seems that the study of Islam makes people mentaly ill!

Anonymous said...

A Muslim convert with a history of mental illness

Who else convert to Islam, the likelihood that mentally stable persons do is slim.

Anonymous said...

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