UK: Muslim peer might face charges

Labour peer Lord Ahmed could face charges over a text message allegedly sent from his mobile phone shortly before a motorway crash in which a 28-year-old man was killed.

He was driving his gold Jaguar X-type on the M1 on Christmas Day when he smashed into a car which had spun out of control and had come to rest in the fast lane facing the wrong way.
The 50-year-old peer was badly shaken and suffered 'cuts and bruises' in the accident in which his wife Sakina, 49, and his mother, who is in her mid-80s, also suffered minor injuries.
Martyn Gombar, the Slovakian driver of the other car, was killed instantly.
A routine police investigation into the death crash has focused on the use of his mobile phone in the minutes before Lord Ahmed used it to call the emergency services.
A text was allegedly sent to a journalist friend during this period and police have been trying to establish the circumstances in which it was sent and by whom.
Source: Daily Mail (English)

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