Switzerland: Egyptian goalkeeper under fire for team's wine sponsorship

The El Hadary saga is far from being over.

The Egyptian goalkeeper, African Champion with his national team, is once more at the centre of controversy following his move from Al Ahly to FC Sion of Switzerland.

One of the main sponsors of FC Sion is Giroud Vins (Giroud Wine) and being a Valaisan by birth I can affirm that wine is everything to the folks up there, whether they're from Sion, Sierre or Martigny.

The quality of Valais wine (for example the red wine of Salgesch) is very well-known and together with Cheese (like Valser) it is the main product of this mountainous Swiss canton.

No surprise then, that FC Sion has Giroud Vins as its main sponsor.

A lawyer by the name of Tarek Abdel Qader has accused El Hadary of encouraging a libertine and sinful attitude. The Egyptian lawyer is concerned that the words (given that Egyptians speak French which is probably far from being the case) might encourage the Egyptian youth to drink wine (highly prohibited in the Muslim world), since El Hadary is not far from being a national hero (or at least, was, before the controversial move to Switzerland - for more information read the article I wrote a couple of months ago).


Source: World Cup Blog (English), h/t La Yijad en Eurabia (Spanish)

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FreeSpeech said...

Well, this will settle a few things in hiring soccers. Wine is the main agricultural product of the Valais canton. They won't change that for a goalkeeper.

Esther said...

Hi free speech,

I don't think the Egyptians care about the shirt, they want to force El Hadary to leave FC Sion.