Brussels: Moroccan organized terror network (possibly)

A Moroccan who lived in Brussels organized the terrorist network dismantled by the Moroccan police, according to the independent Arab language Moroccan daily Assabah. The Moroccan police had arrested the members of the group after they received information about Abdellatif Bekkali.

According to the paper Abdellatif Bekkali sent Moroccans, Algerians and Belgians to Iraq, including Issam Goris, a Moroccan from Meknes who committed a suicide attack in a Baghdad suburb. Goris was Muriel Degauque's husband, a Belgian who was the first Western woman to commit a suicide attack in Iraq in 2005

The Moroccan police did not confirm or discredit this information, but said the investigation is still on-going.

According to the paper the police were informed that Bekkali had set up a network in Nador, Morocco, and had succeeded in sending young Moroccans to Al-Qaeda training camps in Algeria.

According to a joint investigation of the Belgian and Moroccan police, Bekkali sent money to finance the trip of a group of Moroccans to Algeria and Mauritania before they were sent to Iraq. According to the paper Bekkali is considered a confidant of Mohamed Reha, a Belgian of Moroccan origins, who was arrested in Morocco in 2005 for running a gang.

Source: HLN (Dutch)


According to the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center the Belgian-Moroccan is Abdellatif Benali.

Source: ESISC (French)

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