Denmark: Muhammad cartoonist receives Free Press Society award

Kurt Westergaard received the Danish Free Press Society's Sappho Award on Thursday evening for his creation of the Mohammed cartoon, which showed the prophet with a bomb in his turban.

The award is given out annually by the society, which was recreated in 2004 after a 155-year absence primarily due to its belief that Islamic censorship is threatening freedom of expression. Flemming Rose, former editor-in-chief for Jyllands-Posten newspaper - also Westergaard's workplace - received the award for his publication of the cartoons in 2007.

At the ceremony, Westergaard was handed his award by actor Farshad Kholghi, member of Sappho's internet publication and himself a Muslim. Kholghi said he was 'proud' of Westergaard's work.

The Sappho Award comes with a 20,000 kroner prize and a statue of the ancient Greek poet designed by Danish sculptor Uwe Max Jensen.

Westergaard said he was very touched by the award and was dedicated to continue working towards preserving democracy.

Source: Copenhagen Post (English)

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