Finland: Islamic party ready for local elections

Tundra Tabloids reports about the Finnish Islamic Party's agenda. Their website, also in English, explains their program for the local elections:

The Finnish Islamic Party's local elections program 2008

Healthier and safer municipality for us all!

The Finnish Islamic Party is running for continuously expanding healthcare that insures all citizens sufficient healthcare. We must pay attention early enough to healthy lifestyle before sickness has become permanent. Municipalities must give Muslim men the chance to have treatment complied with Islam in health centre's.

Ensuring apartments to all citizens, increasing building of tenements and advancing different forms of living.

We want social services to be provided fairly and equally to all citizens.

Bullying and all kind of discrimination need to be interfered and stopped.

Children and youngsters needs to be freed from all non-Islamic festivities in school. Muslim children should have the chance to get Quran lessons (reading and listening The Holy Quran) alternatively instead of music lessons.

We want schools to teach Islamic family values to Muslims and the current sex education to be changed because it promotes casual relationships.

We want to ban the sale of alcoholic beverages in grocery stores. Citizens are in danger because of the free minded alcohol policy. Alcohol edification needs to be increased.

National economy will receive a great bill from free minded alcohol policy. Edification based on Islamic values would be excellent way to decrease disadvantages and using of intoxicants.

The right to establish Islamic cemeteries on municipality areas.

The government should guarantee a right for Islamic Halal slaughter in every municipality.

Municipalities should prefer environmentally friendly and domestic choices in energy and transport.

Municipalities should work towards using domestic organic products.

Municipalities should emphasize animal protection and stop animal protection crimes.



Source: Finnish Islamic Party (English)

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