Rotterdam: Municipality postpones school subsidy

The Rotterdam municipality is postponing the subsidy for the Ibn Ghaldoun Muslim school is demanding back the unpaid rent debt of 200,000 euro, after the education inspection placed the school under intensified supervision.

According to the inspect the situation of the school had become worse, despite former critical reports. The teachers are unqualified and the quality of exams and students care is far below the required level.

The school was in the news last year when it appeared that the school administration used 200,00 euro of money earmarked for education for Mecca pilgrimage. The ministry of education demanded 1.2 million euro back, but the school administration refused to pay and had gone to court. The trial is still ongoing.

In its most recent assessment the Education Inspection said that the secondary school had reached the lowest level of "very poor school", and speaks of a "serious case".

Belgacem Naas, chairman of the Ibn Ghaldoun administration says that not everything is bad, and that the results of the VMBO (vocational track) are sufficient. They realize that the student care must be improved and that they should give more individual attention and counsel.

1.5% of elementary schools and 1.5% of secondary schools are under intensified supervision.

Source: Elsevier (English)

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