Netherlands: Radical preacher computer-expert employed by government

A radical Islam preacher was hired by the government as a computer expert. Jamal A., AKA Aboe Ismail, therefore had access to the IT-network of the defense ministry.

The preacher is related to the As-Soennah mosque in the Hague, and serves as imam Fawaz's righthand man. Sympathies with the Taliban in Afghanistan had been expressed in the mosque.

On being asked, Aboe Ismail confirmed that he is regularly employed on a temporary basis for various government organizations. "I haven't only worked for defense, but also for other government institutes."

his work for the defense ministry's computer center reputedly led to an investigation by the Military Intelligence and Security Service, after which the preacher was removed.

A Defense spokesperson didn't want to confirm or deny this. He said that all the personnel for Defense are screened and the required declaration that there's no objection is withdrawn if there's a sign of extremism.

Aboe Islamil is part of the radical Salafi movement. The intelligence service AIVD regularly warns against the influence of this group, which forms a possible threat to democracy.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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