Antwerp: Immigrants 2% of police

Barely 2 percent of Antwerp police officers are of immigrant descent. This means that out of a total of 2,360 officers, only 50 are of immigrant descent.

Despite a large-scale EUR 600,000 campaign aimed at more colour in the police corps, the recruitment of new police officers of immigrant extraction has been relatively unsuccessful.

The latest recruitment of 45 officers and inspectors had only one police officer who was of immigrant descent. However, figures show that 20 percent of the candidates who applied were of immigrant descent.

The most crucial obstacle remains language. The Antwerp police corps puts a high premium on the consensus model, which shows a need for officers who have good people skills and are good negotiators. In this respect, immigrant officers can play a pivotal role.

Unfortunately commissioner François Vermeulen of 'diversity' services maintains it is yet too early to expect a police corps to be a reflection of society, as some politicians expect.

Source: Expatica (English)

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Anonymous said...

I live in Belgium, and as an unarmed civilian i feel very bad about this wish to include immigrants in the police force. This morning i read an article from someone from South-Africa, its defenitely worth a read! link: