CR: Anti-terrorism center to be established

A special police centre will be established in the Czech Republic to protect the country against terrorism, the daily Pravo wrote Thursday.

The decision on the establishment of the anti-terrorist centre was recently made by Interior Minister Ivan Langer (senior ruling Civic Democrats, ODS) in reaction to the negotiations with the USA on the lifting of the U.S. visa requirements towards Czech citizens, Pravo writes.

According to Czech police president Oldrich Martinu, the goal of the centre will be to analyse and submit to the relevant bodies the collected information, Pravo writes.

The heads of individual police departments or regional governors will be responsible for individual steps also in the future, the paper quotes Martinu as saying.

The centre will be the contact body for all foreign partners in the fight against terrorism, Pravo says.

The Interior Ministry is carrying out talks with the police leadership about the precise form of the new department.

The most probable possibility is that the centre will be established within the police organised crime unit (UOOZ) where there is a department specialising in the fight against terrorism and extremism, Pravo says.

Another possibility discussed is to create the centre at the police presidium, it writes.

Langer told Pravo that apart from policemen, officers from all Czech civilian and military intelligence services and the Czech Fire Rescue Corps would work in the centre.

The foundations of the centre will appear this summer and it could be completely staffed by the end of the year, Langer said.

It should not be a large department, Pravo quotes Martinu as saying.

Source: Prague Monitor (English)

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