Sweden: The sabotage suspects

Both suspects in the Swedish nuclear plant sabotage have been interviewed in Swedish newspapers.

Marino Bozic (53), came to Sweden from Croatia when he was 12. In the past he'd been convicted of several crimes, but says he left that life behind. After several unusccessful attempts trying to get accepted to work at the plant, he started working on May 12th. Now Bozic says that he's branded as a terrorist for the rest of his life.

His friend (44), whose bag apparently was, says that he can't comprehend that he would have tried to smuggle in explosives into work. "Why? What would my motive be?" [ed: this is a question that he should be answering, not the readers]. "Preparation for sabotage, it's unbelievable. I've only seen and heard about terrorist organizations and such things on TV. Now I'm myself a suspect. How can it be like that in Sweden?"

It's unclear whether there were really traces of explosives on the bag and if so, how it got on it.

Sources: Expressen, Aftonbladet (Swedish)

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