Denmark: Polygamist refused asylum in UK, turns to court

An Iraqi interpreter married to two wives will not be able to get asylum in the UK.

A spokesperson from the British immigration authority says that the Immigration Act of 1988 prohibits a person from bringing with him more than one spouse, if he or she wants to settle in Great Britain.

The Danish Department of Family Affairs demands that the interpreter will divorce one of his wives by Monday, and he is not willing to do so. Therefore, he will turn to the courts, says his lawyer Marianne Vølund.

The Iraqi came to Denmark with two wives and three children. The family received asylum since the interpreter worked for the Danish forces in Iraq and therefore his life was in danger.

He contacted the British embassy in Denmark to see whether there was a possibility of moving to the UK and living there with both his wives. His lawyer had gotten the impression from the media that it was possible to do so.

Vølund is still convinced that the interpreter will not be forced to divorce. She thinks they have a good case and were told by several experts that the Department of Family Affairs cannot abolish a marriage that was lawfully contracted abroad.

She says that the interpreter and his two wives didn't think they had done anything wrong and that they had done nothing illegal. Additionally, the wife who will be forced to divorced will find herself in a bad situation, since according to Muslims it's shameful to be divorced.

Source: Kristeligt Dagblad (Danish)

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