Belgium: Request to remove couple from terrorism list

Belgium: Request to remove couple from terrorism list

On December 10th, Belgium asked for the third time to remove a Belgian couple from the list of groups and sympathizers of the al-Qaeda terrorism network and the Islamic Taliban. The new request comes after the Human Right Committee in Geneva called Belgium to order, reports La Libre Belgique. The committee sees to the UN treaty regarding civil rights and political rights.

Nabil Sayadi and Patricia Vinck, who have been on the list already for six years, may not travel, have no access to a bank account and live off welfare and financial assistance from their friends. They live together with their four childrne in Putte, in the province of Antwerp.

On October 29th, the UN Human Rights Committe judged that Beldium had the task to cross off the couple from the list. The list is drawn up by the membersof the UN Security Council.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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