Denmark: 5000 converts

Denmark: 5000 converts

Abdullah Chihalfi was raised in Aarhus and until five years ago was called Dean Runge.  He belongs to an increasing number of Danes who convert to Islam.

Islam in Denmark has become more geared towards Danish Muslims.  They get speeches in Danish and they're offered educational material and such, says Cross-Cultural Phd Kate Østergaard to TV AVISEN.

She estimates that there are 5,000 converts today, compared to just 2,500 in 2005.

Most convert when they are young, most often due to love, or because they find justice in Islam.

"They see Islam as something anti-racism, and as a type of rebellion against the established system, and they see it as a way to fight injustice in the world," says Kate Østergaard.

This was also one of the reasons why Abdullah Chihalfi converted.  He says that he wants to stop the injustice which is meanwhile still ongoing.

About two thirds of all converts are men.

Source: DR (Danish)

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