Italy: Cooking most frequent cause of neighbor quarrels

Italy: Cooking most frequent cause of neighbor quarrels

Pungent Middle Eastern and eastern cooking odours are now the most frequent cause of quarrels between immigrants and their Italian neighbours, according to a new survey by the National Association of Apartment Building Administrators (Anami).

A total 27 percent of quarrels in the country's apartment buildings now arise over cooking smells and the number of disputes is growing, the survey found. The majority of complaints are over the spicy aromas from curries made by Asian immigrants from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Chinese and North African dishes produce the second largest number of complaints, according to the survey.

"These are not just based on skin colour, but represent a serious albeit grotesque problem," said Anami president Giuseppe Bica.

"If the reek of frying garlic and chili pepper used to make Italian dishes or the odour of broccoli is accepted within apartment buildings, why not the smell of chicken curry?"

He said a distinction needed to be made between the daily cooking smells of households, and the more pervasive and constant odours from restaurant and takeaway kitchens.

Italian law makes this distinction, Bica said.

"Immigration is a reality in Italy and daily life needs to take account of this."

Source: AKI (English)

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