Netherlands: Community service for destroying Christ statues

Netherlands: Community service for destroying Christ statues

I'm assuming for now the man is not Christian, mostly because I expect that if he were, this would be specified in the article.


A 37 year old Amsterdam resident was sentenced yesterday to sixty hours of community service. In April of this year the man destroyed at least two statues of Christ in Nuenen and Deurne. The magistrate in Den Bosch also charged him with destroying five graves in the Lambertus parish in Helmond.

more pictures available here and here

The suspect came to the Netherlands from Turkey 11 years ago and worked in Amsterdam at a research institute. He was arrested in Venray on April 8 when he again went for a statue of Christ. He failed to appear yesterday.

To the police he had admitted to all the charges and said that he had 'acted by orders of God in order to warn people." He had already been sentenced in the past for similar crimes.

Besides the community service the judge also imposed on him two weeks conditional jail sentence. He'll be under surveillance by the rehabilitation service for two years of probation. He is also to pay compensation for the claimed damage: 2,700 euro to the Lambertus parish and 1,780 Euro to the Deurne municipality.

Source: Brabants Dagblad (Dutch)

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