Denmark: Daughter held in Lebanon, father in Denmark

Denmark: Daughter held in Lebanon, father in Denmark

While police are attempting to untangle a complicated case of custody rights, a 17 year old girl from Aabenraa is being held in Lebanon.

The girl traveled with her husband on vacation, but when they couple wanted to go home, she was refused exit.  Nordsjælland Police brought her father to a remand hearing Wednesday, suspected for evading the custody rights of the young woman's mother.

Deputy police inspector Henning Svendsen says that according to a preliminary investigation that man contacted the Lebanese authorities and in an unknown way got them to stop the girl.  The investigation will now show if the dispute might possibly be that the woman married without the father's consent.

The family is from the Middle East, and the father is divorced from the mother.  The man, who doesn't have custody rights, lives in Hillerød while the girl lives with her mother in Sønderjylland.

Source: DR (Denmark)

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