Malmö: Mosque evicted

Malmö: Mosque evicted

Tempers flared in Malmö on Monday morning as riot police used dogs to clear three protesters out of a basement office which has served as a mosque for more than a 15 years, but had been ordered closed back on November 24th.

(Sydsvenskan Web-TV)
The first speaker is Basem Mahmoud who says that the mosque
has been renting for 16 years and the police shouldn't enter.

The removal took place calmly. There were three people, ages sixteen to eighteen, when we came and all three have been taken in for questioning," said Skåne police spokesperson Mikael Persson to the TT news agency.

But outside the building, a crowd had gathered to voice their frustration over the closing and the police decision to forcefully remove the protesters.

Basem Mahmoud, a spokesperson for the svensk-jordanska vänskapsföreningen ('Swedish-Jordanian Friendship Association), felt that the police had broken an agreement and shown a lack of respect for the mosque by entering the premises wearing shoes and with dogs in tow.

"I fear that this may lead to unrest," he told TT.

The three young people were taken by police on suspicions of trespassing.


Source: The Local (English)

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