Rotterdam: A Moroccan neighborhood

Rotterdam: A Moroccan neighborhood

There are plans for a new residential neighborhood along the railway tracks in Rotterdam-West in Moroccan-Arab style. The so called "Riad Residences" will be marked with a building style of colors, mosaics, pillars and patios.

Le Medi

The idea of a Casablanca on the Maas comes from the recently built Mediterranean neighborhood Le Medi in Rotterdam-Delfshaven. The aim is not to make a neighborhood for Moroccan Rotterdam residents, but rather to enable every Rotterdam resident to get acquainted with Moroccan architecture.

The plans for Le Riad were made by Hassani Idrissi and Abdel Salhi. Their new project will include about 100 residences. For the 'riads' they chose: Morrocan residences with a patio with pillars, arcades and on the roof, gardens and terraces. "The outside is somber, the inside decorative," according to Idrissi.

Leefbaar Rotterdam is skeptical of the plan, which will be finished in ten years time.

Source: RTV (Dutch)

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