Ukraine: Young convert goes on secret hajj

A young Ukrainian pilgrim, Omar Iger, told his Christian parents he was going to the Vatican on a religious journey after he found himself in a predicament traveling to Makkah for the Haj while concealing from them his conversion to Islam.

Omar said he concealed the information of his embracing Islam from his father because he knew his father might stop talking to him.
Omar told his parents that he was undecided when they asked him about the details of his journey, until he joined the voyage organized by the New Muslim Converts Organization traveling for Haj this year.

He said he prayed in Arafat for the strength to convince his father to accept him as a Muslim.

Omar intends to peruse higher studies in Islamic Da'wah and aspires to establish an Islamic center in his town.

The Secretary General of the New Muslim Converts Organization, Khaled Al-Rumaih, said in this year's Haj, the organization is hosting 80 new Muslims from Western Europe, Latin America and Russia.

Source: Saudi Gazette (English)

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