Oslo: Anti-Israel protest turns violent

Oslo: Anti-Israel protest turns violent

Following a quiet protest in front of the Norwegian parliament by several hundred people, organized by various left wing organizations, about 100 protesters tried to break through police barricades in order to reach the Israeli embassy, throwing stones and flaming objects at the police. Police shot back with tear gas. Nine protesters were arrested, including four 16-year old boys.

Video clips of the rioting protesters are available at VG (where you can hear the protesters shouting 'allah akbar') and TV2 Nyhetene. I tried uploading these clips, but wasn't successful.

Naser Fuad (27), one of the protesters doesn't understand why the police behaved as they did towards him and his friends. One of his friends was arrested. Fuad thinks this friends acted calmly and peacefully.

"I don't understand the aggressive treatment from the police. Against some it's certainly right but not against all," he told Aftenposten.no.

Fuad says that most protesters were acting peacefully, but that some threw stones at the police. He thinks this is 'a natural reaction to what Israel's doing'.

About the demonstration he said that "it's the least we could do to show the world that we have a problem with Israel and Israel's acts."

Several police agents and protesters were injured.

Sources: Aftenposten, VG, TV2 Nyhetene (Norwegian)

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