Norway: More favorable attitude towards immigrants

Norway: More favorable attitude towards immigrants

A study be Statistics Norway (SSB) shows that Norwegians has a more favorable attitude towards immigrants in 2008 than past years.

The study, which was conducted in the summer, and before the world economy slump occurred, looked at attitudes towards immigrants and immigration. SSB writes on their website that more people think that immigrants make a useful contribution to working life than previously, fewer believes that they unjustly burden social welfare services and fewer oppose that a son or daughter marries an immigrant.

Those who think that immigrants are more a source of insecurity in society, sunk by 13 points from 45% to 32%.

Researcher Svien Blom, who conducted the study, tells that he thinks foreign workers have much credit for that people are more tolerant towards immigrants." He says that the foreign workers have been widely appreciated and could have contributed to changing the associations of the term immigrants.

The study also shows that 70% completely or somewhat agree that 'immigrants most enrich cultural life in Norway," an increase of 4% from last year. The percent of those who have hesitations about having immigrants as neighbors is also going down and now comprise just 6%.

A new background variable, main economic activity, was presented, This shows that pensioners and welfare recipients are more skeptical towards immigrants and immigration then the employed and students or school pupils. A large part of these differences originate in the age differences.

There has been a decrease from 40% to 24% of the percent of people who say they disapprove of having a immigrant son or daughter in-law.

SSB researcher Svein Blom explained to that this might be because such alliances are gradually becoming somewhat less uncommon.

Source: Utrop (Norwegian)

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