Lyons: Anti-Islamophobia protest

Lyons: Anti-Islamophobia protest

Update: France24 has a video report.

Muslims protested outside a mosque hit by an arson attack in Saint-Priest, near Lyons. Police estimate about a thousand people showed up, while organizers estimate more than 2,000.

The demonstrators braved the cold to express their 'anger and incomprehension' at the 'outbreak and significant increase of Islamophobia in France'.

The crowd listened quietly to religious and political leaders. Azzedine Gaci of the Regional Council for the Muslim Faith, talked about having a national demonstration against racism, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia and asked for surveillance cameras near mosques.

Abdelaziz Chaambi, of Collective of French Muslims wants a law against Islamophobia.

Maurice Amsellem of the Representative Council of French Jewish Insitutions said that 'it's sacrilege to see holy books in smoke. Where is the respect for religions?'

Somebody in the crowd waved the flag, another held up a Koran burned in the fire. "This Koran is full of peace, this Koran is full of love, read it!'

Source: AFP , Le Parisien (French)

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