Netherlands: Turkish couple fights placement of children in lesbian foster family

Netherlands: Turkish couple fights placement of children in lesbian foster family    

There's now a fuss in Turkey after Turkish-Dutch children were placed by a Dutch judge in a lesbian foster family.

The three children were taken out of their home by the Youth care department in 2004 due to suspicions of child abuse.  The mother let her kid fall then, and he broke his arm.  The Turkish-Dutch couple says that there was never any child abuse and has fought the removal of their kids already for years by the Dutch court.

Meanwhile the judge ordered that placing the children in a lesbian foster family is legitimate in the Netherlands.

The parents do not want the children to live by homosexual foster parents.  They think it does not fit with their Islamic religious notions.

The couple has meanwhile brought two of the three children to Turkey, where they supposedly live by an uncle.  The oldest boy is now eleven and says that he's happy in Turkey and that if he would be placed again with the lesbian foster family in the Netherlands, he'll certainly run away.

The mother is now talking to the Turkish media, who are writing about the case.  It's possible that the Turks would now ask for extradition of the children.  The lawyer of the parents thinks that the Turkish judge would not ask for extradition, given the background of hte family.

Upon being asked Turkish prime minister Tayyip Erdoğan said that he had no contact yet with any of those involved, but that he would do everything in his power.  "We help anyone who's in trouble, we are there where help is needed.  We do everything that a social state should do, and we'll do that too."

Sources: TurksNL, NOS (Dutch)

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