Malmö: Disturbances continue after mosque eviction (updated)

Malmö: Disturbances continue after mosque eviction


I uploaded a couple of videos to YouTube:

Update: Disturbances flaring up tonight. Video reports available here and here (click on the video to start playing).

"We'll continue for as long as it's necessary. We won't stop before we get the premises back," says Ibrahim El-Moughrabi.

(elsewhere in Europe, riots in Greece and France).


I prepared this article earlier in the day, copying from news sources and finding a video report. However, by the time I intended to post - Sydsvenskan removed their Web-TV report titled "see youth throwing firecrackers at the police" and Radio Sweden completely reworked their article, translated below.

It therefore took a bit more digging to find a different video report, this one by Sweden's broadcasting company, SVT.

The summary to date:

Monday morning the police evicted a mosque in the Rosengård neighborhood of Malmö. Since then there have been disturbances by youth in the area.

On Monday night about 20-30 people convened outside the former mosque. They threw stones and eggs at the police and set fire to various objects, among other thing to trash containers. Fires were also set on Tuesday night.

On Wednesday night the disturbances got worse. About 50-100 youth were estimated in the area. According to the police, they included youth who were involved in football hooliganism and demonstrations related to the European Social Forum (anti-globalists). According to a Skåne police spokesperson, about 30 Antifas (anti-fascists) were there.

Tonight, police closed off roads in the area after a hundred youth started throwing objects at passing cars. Several fires have been set as well.


Disturbances have been going on since police cleared out the premises of a cellar on Ramels väg Monday morning. The premises were occupied by youth for three weeks.

The premises had been rented by the Islamic Culture Association for many years, but earlier in the fall the building's owner canceled the contact since they wanted to use the premises for something else.

The police have been guarding the area around the cellar mosque since Monday and planned to leave Tuesday afternoon when youth again tried to go into the premises.

The disturbances flared up when the police decided to set contains in front of the premises to prevent the youth from going in.

"When the police were setting out the containers the youth started throwing stones," says Tommy Sverngard, commander of the Malmö police force in Rosengård.

The disturbances continued throughout the evening, among other things window where shattered at a community police station and several trash cans and recycling centers were set aflame. During the night the police discovered it wasn't just youth from Rosengård who were causing trouble.

"It was youth who are not connected to the premises or live in Rosengård," says Tommy Sverngard.

The fire brigade were called out to several fires but then the youth threw stones also at the fire brigade and the police were called in to protect the fire brigade in their extinguishing work.

"When the police attempt to protect the fire brigade, stones were thrown at them," says Tommy Sverngard.

The emergency services decided at midnight not to go out for smaller fires in for example containers where there was no risk that the fire would spread to buildings.

Mats Nilsson, city commander at the Syd fire brigade, says it wasn't possible and too dangerous.

At 4AM Thursday morning it was calm in the area, according the police, but the police stayed to guard. Compared with previous disturbances in Rosengård, Wednesday night's was the worst so far.

"Those who worked during the night say that this was worse than what was previously," says Tommy Sverngard.

Sources: Sydsvenskan, SVT, SR (Swedish)

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