Spain: Over 100 suicide bombers

Spain: Over 100 suicide bombers

Spain has become a major European breeding ground for al-Qaeda and its associated groups, who recruit Jihadists and suicide bomber to Iraq.  Since the US invasion in 2003 more than 100 youth, mostly North African immigrants, formed local cells which financed their trips with Zakat, the donations received in mosques, according to intelligence sources.

"Los sin vicio de Occidente" (without the faults of the West),  one of the most active cells in sending Mujaheddin to Iraq, operated in Catalonia and trained at least 9 candidates to suicide attacks.  One of them murdered 28 people in Nasirirya.  El Pais reconstructed with unpublished documents and testimonies the story of those who traveled this path, their route and secret contacts in Syria, the first stop in the sinister journey towards death.

The Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group (GICM), linked to the March 11 attacks, created an extensive support network in Damascus for aspiring 'Spaniards' who traveled from the 'wedding' (suicide) to Iraq: hotels, residences, study centers and contacts to cross the border and join the cells of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, one of the leaders of the insurgency.

The unsuccessful Jihadis returned to Spain and became sources for the new aspirants from these and other cells in Catalonia and Madrid.

The National Court extend the process against Mohamed Rabet, the alleged leader of Los sin vicio de Occidente, who's responsible for the deaths caused by his students in Iraq.  An anti-terrorsim agent says that it's impossible to know how much damage they've caused, but it's many dead.

The leader of this GICM network, a butcher in the town of Vilanova i la Geltrú, and some of the unsuccessful suicide bombers will be tried in the first hearing in Spain against the cells who nourish the Mujaheddin and the Iraqi insurgency.

Source: El Pais (Spanish)

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