Brussels: Protesting in a niqab

For two days, women veiled from head to toe, are protesting in front of the Palace of Justice in Brussels.

The Palace of Justice is synonymous with law and legality. All people who break the law are likely to appear there.

Yet, at the steps of the palace is a group of protesters who deliberately disobey the law. To be precise, the general police regulation which stipulates that 'it is prohibited to hide one's face or to be disguised, made up or impersonating on the streets or in places accessible to the public .. unless authorized, the wearing of masks is prohibited'.

Yesterday, however, the face of a dozen women are hidden behind their niqab, this veil covering the entire face with the exception of the eyes.

This group, women on one side, men on the other, are protesting against the extradition of Nizar Trabelsi [to the US], who is unjustly imprisoned, according to them? It's an awkward question.

Not easy to explain that a certain law can't be applied while others, like junk on the streets or putting out garbage the day before, are.

Looking on the internet, we see as well that the Muslim community asks itself what is legal and what isn't. Fatima, responding to Barkha who asked to know where to buy a niqab in Brussels, warned her: 'They allow to wear it in Belgium? With the fines and everything, it will be hot in any case, Allah help her." Surprised, Barkha responded: "I didn't think Belgium was also restrictive".

Source: DHnet (French)

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