Zurich: No systematic discrimination

Muslims aren't systematically discriminated against in Zurich canton.  Improvements are however possible in the sectors of health, medical-social institutions (EMS), prisons and cemeteries.

This is the conclusion of a study commissioned from the Institute of Police Sciences of the University of Zurich by the Zurich government at the request of the Grand Conseil.  Researchers believe that the religious framework in hospitals and EMS should be developed, because the number of Muslims there will increase.

Furthermore Muslims can't be interred in all municipalities according to their rites.  In prisons, the presence of imams should be increased and the infrastructure at their disposal improved.  Muslim detainees are given therapy less often than non-Muslims, according to the researchers.

According to the study the Muslim population doesn't get more state aid than the rest of the citizens.  On the contrary, it more often seeks private or family assistance instead of social assistance.

In recent years the number of Muslims who come to settle in Switzerland is decreasing, the study indicates.  In 2000, 340,000 Muslims came, of which 66,520 came to Zurich canton.

Source: Romandie (French)

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