Denmark: Yugoslavians and Palestinians most violent

Denmark: Yugoslavians and Palestinians most violent

Yugoslavians and Palestinians are the most violent in Denmark. Germans, Poles and Swedes in Denmark are half as criminal as native Danes. Yugoslavians and Palestinians are twice as criminal.

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There's a marked difference in how many crimes are committed by different immigrant groups in Denmark, according to new data published today by Statistics Denmark in the report "Immigrants in Denmark 2008".

Immigrants from North European countries such as Germany, Poland, Sweden and Great Britain commit about half as many crimes, as native Danes, when accounting for the differences that are typical for different age groups and social economic status. Immigrants from countries such as Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq commit slightly more crimes than Danes. And finally there are the immigrant groups from Yugoslavia, Lebanon (Palestinians), Somalia and Morocco, which all commit more than twice as many crimes - including assault - as Danes.

One of the explanations for the differences relates to how long the groups have been in Denmark. Therefore the descendants of immigrants, which are also counted in the statistics, are typically more criminal than their parents, which were born abroad. Groups like Afghans and Iraqis have been in Denmark for just a few year and therefore the descendants haven't yet reached the typical criminal age groups, but fo example, Palestinians and Yugoslavians are.

Sources: 180grader, Immigrants in Denmark 2008 (Danish), h/t Uriasposten

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