Sweden: Promoting Islamic peace culture

'Peace agents' (fredsagenterna) is a new organization of Swedish Muslims ages 16-25 who want to contribute to and develop an Islamic peace culture.

On Monday about 100 Muslim youth from across Sweden will meet in Stockholm for a peace agent conference.

On their site they say they know well about Islam, Swedish society and the peace movements. They would like to talk about Islamic peace culture at associations, schools, institutions, companies or ideological organizations, whether people are Muslims, Christians, Jews, atheists or something else.

- Why are we peace agents

The idea of Islam as a peaceful religion is almost nonexistent in the Western world. After September 11 it was put into question and many Muslims feel confused. Most young Swedish Muslims put it in doubt and many Muslims was questioned it and many Muslims lack sufficient knowledge to be able to answer doubts.

We will increase the knowledge about the Islamic peace culture among all Swedes.

For that reason we're collaborating with the study associations Sensus and Ibn Rushd in the project "to promote Islamic peace culture" (”Att främja islamisk fredskultur”). At the same time we're building a national network for peace activists and at the same time educating youth about questions that concern Islam, peace and human rights.

The project is supported by the Fellowship of Reconciliation (Kristna Fredsrörelsen), Swedish Young Muslims (Sveriges Unga Muslimer), Bosnian Muslim Youth Association (Bosniska Muslimska Ungdomsförbund), Eritrean Young Muslims of Swden (Sveriges Eritreanska Unga Muslimer), Muslim Scouts of Sweden (Sveriges Muslimska Scouter), New Moon Culture Organization (New Moon Kulturorganisation) and Muslim Council of Sweden (Sveriges Muslimska Råd)

Sources: Fredsagenterna, Kuriren (Swedish)

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