Afghanistan: Smiles in Gereshk

Two Danish soldiers, Sonny Kappel Jakobsen (45) and Christian Jørgen Grundt Damholdt (33), were killed yesterday in a suicide bomber attack in Gereshk that killed seven others, including three civilians, and wounded about ten.

The two soldiers, of the Danish CIMIC (civil-military cooperation), were in Afghanistan as part of the rebuilding forces. Focusing on helping the civilian population, they are much more of a target than the soldiers stationed on the front.

Christian from CIMIC speaks with the local shopkeeper

This was the first suicide attack against Danish forces, and analysts are talking of a change in tactics by al-Qaeda.

Gereshk, in the Helmand province, was freed a year ago from the Taliban and last week the Danish army press featured an article about the city: Smiles in Gereshk. You won't see here burning Danish flags, it said, only smiles.

Christian and Sony featured in the article, which followed up the daily routine of the CIMIC soldiers and their efforts to communicate with the local residents.

Sources: HOK, BT (Danish), Copenhagen Post (English)

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