Sweden: The Swedish-Swedes

How do you write a politically-correct article about racism without mentioning race or ethnic features? What happens when you can't differentiate between citizenship and ethnicity? From an article about racism in Sweden:

The study was based on interview with 25 youth aged 18 who grew up in Sweden, some were born here, some came here when they were young. Two of the interviewees were adopted and have an appearance that looks un-Swedish.

The interviewees experienced all racism as a problem, but think that they were affected more in the everyday by the general comments and notions about immigrants, than from threats from openly racist groups.

Everyday racism consists of everyday repetitions for example by all the time having to answer the question where you come form, or that people feel one's hair, or say surprised: "Oh, what good Swedish you speak."

Oskar Pripp is an ethnologist and works as head researchers at the multicultural center in Botkyrka (Stockholm)

He thinks that if we want to counteract the still large chasm between Swedes who look Swedish and the Swedes who don't look Swedish, Swedish-Swedes must be aware of their part in everyday racism.

Source: SR (Swedish), h/t Every Kinda People (Swedish)

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Please allow me to vomit... None of the things listed as racist were actually offensive in any way..