Denmark: Danes against reprinting of cartoons

The survey was conducted among 1049 Danes 17 and older. Carsten Juste, chief editor of Jyllands-Posten, claims that the reprinting was journalistic documentation, following up on the murder plans against Kurt Westergaard. As I remember it, it was done as a solidarity move to support Danish freedom of speech.

While Danes overwhelmingly supported the initial publication of the infamous Mohammed cartoons as a symbol of free expression, most see the drawing's re-publication in September as an affront to Muslims, according to a Rambøll/Jyllands-Posten survey.

After the initial publication, 63.6 percent of Danes said they believed it was okay that the media ran the cartoons. But after the second issuance, that support has dropped to only 37.9 percent, with a full 58.5 percent saying they were directly against the publication.

Tøger Seidenfaden, editor-in-chief at Politiken newspaper, said the public is simply tired of the whole Mohammed cartoon affair.

'The first time could be excused, but the second seems like a conscious provocation.'

Sources: Copenhagen Post (English), JP (Danish)

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