Netherlands: Bus driver free after slapping school girl

A bus driver (39) who slapped the face of a girl (13) who was insolent and annoying was set free by an Hilversum judge.

The bus driver had at least twice fallen out with a group of girls, students of a school for children with behavioral problems. In September 2006 it came to a confrontation since the girl didn't leave the bus with a cola can and nagged the bus driver. She called him a 'dirty Islamite' and 'dirty Moroccan'. He said he couldn't stomach it in a full bus.

He denied slapping her in front of the judge, but to the police he had said he was startled by it a bit. The girl fell and thereafter left the bus with her friends. The bus driver's boss later apologized to the girl personally and offered her flowers.

The public prosecutor had more understanding for the bus driver's actions, saying that everybody suffers from girls who are horribly insolent and annoying in public transportation. The judge agreed with her and adopted her demand, guilty without punishment.

Source: De Gooi en Eemlander (Dutch)

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Anonymous said...

Behaviorable problem teenagers, expecially girls, are the worst.

Although a man hitting a young girl is pathetic, from the things she said, she probably deserved it.